Amy Praeger has spent her professional life helping government agencies, businesses, and non-profits meet their objectives.  She is an informed and passionate advocate for the issues, groups, and industries she represents. A Texas native who grew up in Kansas, Amy possess the best qualities of both regions, including a strong work ethic, solid values, manners, and an engaging personality. Presently serving as a government relations and public affairs consultant, she assists small businesses and non-profits in developing and executing their campaigns and legislative agendas.

While many individuals still wrestle with the question of what they want to be when they grow-up, Amy has known since high school that she wanted to be involved in law and government. This does not mean that she has locked herself in to one career path.  Indeed most of her professional experience has been acquired by being open to any and all opportunities.

Having no particular connection to the shipbuilding industry, she saw a challenge and became an advocate for the American Shipbuilding Association (ASA).  As Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the trade association, she promoted the importance of maintaining a strong industrial base for national and economic security.  She served as a dedicated advocate, educating policymakers and the American public on the need to support American manufacturing.  Her achievements include testifying before the U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission in support of the U.S. industrial base, in addition to conducting comprehensive research and composing reports on China and Russia’s defense industrial bases with emphasis on the projected implication to U.S. national security.  Her research and reports on these latter topics were utilized as authoritative sources by America’s intelligence services, Members of Congress, the military, and U.S. media outlets.

Prior to joining ASA, Amy served as legislative counsel for Representative Jerry Moran (KS-1) where she was responsible for issues relating to judiciary, law enforcement, tax, the federal budget, foreign policy, national security, defense, and small business.  In addition to her legislative and government relations experience, Amy has a background in law enforcement having worked as a prosecutor for the City of Wichita, Kansas.  She also served as a law clerk for the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator.

Amy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Kansas State University.  She earned her Juris Doctor from Washburn University School of Law and is a member of the Kansas Bar.

Her biography, as her life, remains a work in progress.  Bluebonnets and barbecue have beckoned her back to the Lone Star State. Amy is currently searching for a full-time position in the Dallas-Fort Worth  metro area. She is excited about embarking on a new opportunity, bringing passion and commitment to do the best job possible in order to achieve the goals of those she represents.

She can be reached at:

Phone:  972.755.9141

Email:  aehpraeger@gmail.com


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