This letter is my personal recommendation for Amy Praeger.  I have had the opportunity to work with Amy for the past nine years, where she served first as Director of Legislative Affairs and then as Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the American Shipbuilding Association.

I first met Amy when she was working in the House of Representatives for her Member of Congress.  Though brand new to the shipbuilding industry, she immediately became knowledgeable and conversant on the challenges and needs of the industry.  Over the years, Amy has successfully championed a variety of legislative initiatives, balancing multiple projects and completing assignments in a timely manner.  She is extremely responsive to requests for information, historical data, statistics, and drafting correspondence or briefing materials.   Amy has tremendous writing and communications skills, which will help in reaching any employer’s goals.  Her research work is consistently reliable, independent, and polished, attesting to her professionalism and dedication.  Over the past several yeas she has undertaken a variety of tasks which have shown talent and creativity.  Among these projects was an analysis of the build-up of foreign navies and their domestic shipbuilding industries.  Her work has contributed to reports and “white papers” that were utilized as an authoritative source by America’s foreign intelligence services, Members of Congress, the military, and U.S. media outlets.

Amy possesses a genuine commitment to the plans and objectives she is working on.  She is passionate about carrying out the missions of the organization and doing everything necessary to meet all objectives.  She is extremely personable, developing and maintaining close working relationships with individuals in government, the military, and private sector industries.   Amy is enthusiastic about her work and well-prepared to face any challenge.  I highly recommend her for a position in your office. She will be a tremendous asset and dedicated team member.

Cynthia L. Brown, President, American Shipbuilding Association

Ms. Amy Praeger is in the top 5% of the more than 200 Military and Civilian Attorneys who I directly supervised and prepared Annual Performance Evaluations during my Professional Career as an Attorney that now spans more than 48 years.

To put my assessment of Ms. Praeger’s sterling professional performance and work ethic in perspective, I first served on active duty as an Air Force Judge Advocate for 25+ years.My last military assignment was in the Pentagon where I served as the Air Force Director of Civil Law, and where I advised the most Senior General Officers in the Air Force on all Civil Law Issues that ranged from Claims and Tort Litigation to Contract Litigation to Environmental Law and Litigation to Personnel Law and Litigation to International Law.Subsequent to my retirement from the Air Force, I served as the General Counsel for a Washington DC Consulting Firm, and it was in this position that I had the opportunity to witness and evaluate the daily professional performance of Ms. Praeger for the period of 2002 until 2008.During this seven period, I witnessed Ms. Praeger’s exemplary, self-starting work ethic and penchant for ensuring that she anticipated, conducted meticulous researched, and comprehensively, but succinctly, addressed all issues that needed to be addressed so that her completed staff work product was just that – – “COMPLETE!”

I also had the opportunity not only to witness on a daily basis her adroit skills of communication, but I also witnessed how she interacted, communicated and related with Members of Congress and their Key Staff; Senior Government Officials in multiple Federal Departments that included, but was not limited to, the Departments of Defense and Transportation; and with Presidents of Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations who relied upon her written and spoken advice.In those settings, her interpersonal skills; her responsiveness to requests for information; her coalition building attributes; and her intuitive and pro-active ability to actually build grass-roots coalitions were essential in the endeavors to produce “Desired Results.” In each and every instance, her performance met and exceeded the most exacting expectations.

In summary, I unequivocally believe that Ms. Praeger exemplifies the attributes of a “Doer Who Does,” and that she will exceed all expectations with regards to any professional task assigned to her to perform.

Franklin W. Losey, General Counsel, American Shipbuilding Association


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